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As teacher mentors and authors of many teaching ebooks we know what many teachers are looking for... ...simple teaching tips and simple teaching strategies that are easy to apply to any classroom situation. If you are one of those teachers then the Teaching Tips Machine is for you! The Teaching Tips Machine newsletter is not your typical teaching newsletter. This newsletter is not designed to be yet another thing clogging up your inbox that you put off until later, but never actually get to. The Teaching Tips Machine focuses on teaching tips. This newsletter will provide you with simple teaching tips each and every week that you can easily apply to your very next class. You can print them out, post them in your classroom, and pass them around to other teachers, but most importantly, you can start applying them immediately and see an:

  • increase in class participation
  • increase in academic achievement
  • increase in standardized test scores
  • and a definite decrease in classroom management problems.

And yes, you get this all for FREE! There is no catch...just teachers helping other teachers. Not only that, as a subscriber to the Teaching Tips Machine you also get exclusive discounts and special offers to all our other teaching ebooks & products. And, if you sign up today we will even throw in a free report entitled How to Increase Reading Comprehension in the Classroom. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and an extremely fulfilling teaching career to gain. To sign up is really very simple...Just fill out the form below.

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